Free Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Titles for 2008 Kia Truck Sportage 2WD L4-2.0L

TSB Number Date Technical Service Bulletin Title
SC084 SEPTEMBER 2010 Campaign -Rear Frame/Floor/Cross Member Corrosion
CHA027 JULY 2010 Campaign SA049 - TPMS Software Upgrade
BOD068 JULY 2010 Campaign SA040 - Sun Visor Pivot Arm Replacement
TSB Number Date Technical Service Bulletin Title
GEN050 MARCH 2011 Interior - Seat/Seat Cover/Seat Belt Modification Info.
GEN023R1 FEBRUARY 2011 Audio System - Satellite Radio Troubleshooting
GEN048 JANUARY 2011 Keyless Systems - Smart Key Programming Information
ENG084 DECEMBER 2010 Engine - Oil Pump Replacement Guidelines
GEN045 NOVEMBER 2010 Tire Monitor System - GDS TPMS Info & Basic Instructions
SST022 OCTOBER 2010 Electrical - Battery Tester/Diagnostic Charger
KT2010052402 MAY 2010 Engine Controls - ECM Update For Heater Performance
KT2010040101 MARCH 2010 Cell Phone Audio System - Multimedia Tester Information
KT2010032601 MARCH 2010 Brakes - Fluid Changing/Adding Precautions
KT2010031001 MARCH 2010 Lighting - Headlamp Fogging Information
TT2009112001 NOVEMBER 2009 Electrical - Cell Chargers Blow Fuse to Accessory Socket
KT2009110302 NOVEMBER 2009 Body/Frame - Subframe Bushing Replacement
TT2009083101 AUGUST 2009 Engine Controls - Powertrain Grounds
TT2009081801 AUGUST 2009 Suspension - Noise from Rear Suspension Over Rough Roads
KT2009081001 AUGUST 2009 Engine - Torque To Yield Bolt Torque Specifications
KT2008053001R MAY 2009 Vehicle - Load Carrying Label Requirements
KT2009050801 MAY 2009 Engine - CVVT Oil Control Valve Inspection
KT2009050802 MAY 2009 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC P0111 Stored
TT2009043001 APRIL 2009 A/T - Proper Checking of A/T Fluid Level
TT2009032703 APRIL 2009 Computer Controls - Electronic Throttle Control Screw
TT2009032702 MARCH 2009 Electrical - Stabilant 22A - Application Update
KT2009032501 MARCH 2009 Engine - Remanufactured Engine Program
TT2009021301 FEBRUARY 2009 Tire Monitoring System - Low Pressure Warning Lamp On
TT2008122302 DECEMBER 2008 Audio - Satellite Audio Reception/Unit Replacement
TT2008112501 NOVEMBER 2008 Electrical - Adjusting Electrical Terminal Pin Tension
TT2008110701 NOVEMBER 2008 Engine - Timing Belt Tensioner Guide
TT2008103101 OCTOBER 2008 A/C - A/C Duct Sensor Placement
TT2008092301 SEPTEMBER 2008 Steering/Suspension - Power Steering Oil Pump Noise
TT2008092302 SEPTEMBER 2008 Tire Monitor System - Diagnosing Low Line TPMS
TT2008092201 SEPTEMBER 2008 Tire Monitor System - Outside Radio Signals Affects TPMS
TT2008091101 SEPTEMBER 2008 Wheels/Tires - Tire Pressure Effects IQS Scores
TT2008090502 SEPTEMBER 2008 Brake System - Brake Noise
TT2008090303 SEPTEMBER 2008 Electrical - Battery Cable Terminal Service
TT2008090302 SEPTEMBER 2008 Engine Controls - Engine Management DTCs P2135 and P2138
TT2008090301 SEPTEMBER 2008 Restraint System - Air Bag Code B2500
TT2008082201 AUGUST 2008 Lighting - Improved Rear Combination Bulb Life
TT2008082501 AUGUST 2008 Engine/A/T - Flushing Systems Not Recommended
KT2008071101 JULY 2008 Audio System - Sirius(R) Satellite Radio Information
TT2008070101 JULY 2008 Interior - Proper Floor Mat Installation
KT2008050901 MAY 2008 Body - Paint Information
TT2008041501 APRIL 2008 Body - Water Leak Due to Poor Sealing Around Sunroof
KT2008032501 MARCH 2008 Restraints - Passive Occupant Detection System Info.
KT2008022001 FEBRUARY 2008 Restraints - `Passenger Air Bag OFF` Lamp Operation
TT2008021401 FEBRUARY 2008 Suspension - Rear Suspension Noise on Bumpy/Uneven Roads
TT2007121201 DECEMBER 2007 Engine - Engine Noise w/Aftermarket Oil Filters
KT2007091901 SEPTEMBER 2007 Vehicle - Recreational Towing Requirements
KT2007081504 AUGUST 2007 A/C - Compressor Disc/Hub/Pulley/Field Coil Inspection
KT2007081501 AUGUST 2007 Fuel System - Fuel Economy Information
KT2007073001 JULY 2007 Computers/Controls - Hi-Scan Pro(R) Support Discontinued

Technical Service Bulletins
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