Free Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Titles for 2007 Suzuki Truck Grand Vitara 4WD V6-2.7L

TSB Number Date Technical Service Bulletin Title
TS32 APRIL 2011 Exhaust System - Cover Set Availability
TS31 MARCH 2011 Exhaust System - Exhaust Cover Set Availability
TS01 DECEMBER 2010 A/T - Torque Converter Bolt Replacement/Torque
TS03 JULY 2010 Interior - Floor Mat Installation Guidelines/Precautions
TS22R MAY 2009 Engine - Knocks At Idle When Warmed Up
TS06 APRIL 2009 Suspension - Front Suspension Knocking Noises
TS02 NOVEMBER 2008 Tire Monitor Sysetm - Diagnostic Tips
TS27 OCTOBER 2008 Engine Controls - Blank ECM Fails To Program
TS06 AUGUST 2008 M/T - Output Shaft Shim Clearance Revision
TS37 JULY 2008 Instruments - Fuel Gauge Operating Characteristics
TS07 JULY 2008 Vehicle - Oil Leak Detection Information
TS34 APRIL 2008 Wipers/Washers - Rear Wiper/Washer Diagnostics Update
TS04 MARCH 2008 Suspension - Front End Crunching/Squeaking Noise
TS04 FEBRUARY 2008 Restraints - Air Bag Inflator Module Connector Color
TS27R FEBRUARY 2008 Interior - Driver`s Seat Clicking/Popping on Turns
TS03 DECEMBER 2007 Drivetrain - Front/Rear Wheel Hubs Loose/Noisy
TS32 NOVEMBER 2007 Interior - Dash Appears Warped Near Defroster Vent
TS21 SEPTEMBER 2007 Engine Controls - Engine RPM Flare Between Shifts
TS02 AUGUST 2007 Steering - Front/Rear Wheel Alignment Spec. Change
TS08 AUGUST 2007 Drivetrain - Revised DTC C1230 Detection/Troubleshooting
TS04 JULY 2007 M/T - Slips Out of 1st/2nd Gear on Acceleration
TS03 MAY 2007 M/T - Clutch Bleeding Precaution Update
TS02 APRIL 2007 Steering - Rubbing/Humming When Turning Steering Wheel
TS24 MARCH 2007 Lighting - Revised Headlamp Replacement & Aiming
TS01 MARCH 2007 Tire Monitor System - Wheel Sensor Activation
TS06 DECEMBER 2006 Brakes - Light On After ESP Actuator Assy Replacement
TS21 NOVEMBER 2006 Seats - Passenger Seat Heater Not As Warm As Drivers
TS20 NOVEMBER 2006 Body - Incorrect GVWR Label
TS04R NOVEMBER 2006 Tools - Pass-Thru Reprogramming Software Update
TS05 OCTOBER 2006 Engine Controls - ECU programming Verification
TS04 SEPTEMBER 2006 Engine Controls - Pass-Through Reprogramming

Technical Service Bulletins
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