Free Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Titles for 2007 Suzuki Truck XL-7 2WD V6-3.6L

TSB Number Date Technical Service Bulletin Title
TS25 MARCH 2011 Engine - Noise/Damage After Oil Filter Change
TS01 DECEMBER 2010 A/T - Torque Converter Bolt Replacement/Torque
TS03 JULY 2010 Interior - Floor Mat Installation Guidelines/Precautions
TS05 DECEMBER 2009 Restraints - Air Bag Lamp ON/Multiple DTC`s Set
TS40 SEPTEMBER 2009 Navigation System - Blank Screen/DVD Read Errors
09-04-21-004A AUGUST 2009 Drivetrain - Fluid Leak At Transfer Case
TS03R MARCH 2009 Steering - Power Steering Fluid Recommendation
TS02 NOVEMBER 2008 Tire Monitor Sysetm - Diagnostic Tips
TS03 NOVEMBER 2008 Steering - Power Steering Fluid Requirements
TS09 OCTOBER 2008 Electrical - Battery Jump Starting Precautions
TS39 AUGUST 2008 Electrical - Trailer Lamps Inop/Stay ON
TS38 AUGUST 2008 Audio System - Volume Fluctuation/Static/Weak Signal
TS25 JULY 2008 Engine - Engine Compartment Thumping Noise
TS07 JULY 2008 Vehicle - Oil Leak Detection Information
TS35 JUNE 2008 Instruments/Entertainment Systems - Int. Operation
08-08-44-005A MARCH 2008 Audio System - Volume Fluctuation/Static/Weak Reception
TS24 FEBRUARY 2008 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC P0128 Set
TS33R FEBRUARY 2008 Audio System - Click/Clack/Noises When using Turn Signal
TS08R JANUARY 2008 Engine - Approved Engine Oil
TS09 JANUARY 2008 Drivetrain - Front Axle Clicking Noise in Cold Temps.
TS03R JANUARY 2008 Restraints - Air Bag Lamp ON/DTC B0081 Set
TS22R DECEMBER 2007 Body - Front Roof Rail Caps Lifting
TS03 DECEMBER 2007 Restraints - Air Bag Lamp ON/DTC B0081/Symptom Code F
TS08 NOVEMBER 2007 A/C - Controls Inoperative After Remote Starting
TS31 NOVEMBER 2007 Interior - Front Floor Carpet is Wet
TS28 AUGUST 2007 Keyless Entry - Short Transmitter Range/TPM Message
TS07 JULY 2007 Instruments - Oil Life Monitor Resetting Procedure
TS26 JULY 2007 Navigation System - Start Up Screen Says `Delphi`
TS04 APRIL 2007 Computers and Controls - BCM Replacement Precautions
TS23R MARCH 2007 Body - Water Leak at Top of Passenger Front Door
TS06 DECEMBER 2006 Cooling System - Correct Coolant Usage
TS04R NOVEMBER 2006 Tools - Pass-Thru Reprogramming Software Update
TS05 OCTOBER 2006 Engine Controls - ECU programming Verification
TS04 SEPTEMBER 2006 Engine Controls - Pass-Through Reprogramming

Technical Service Bulletins
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